Discover The Undiscovered Pamirs

The Pamir Silk Travel Company has been providing high-quality professional services to tourists in Central Asia since 1997. We organize many different fascinating tours in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and China, tailored to the specific needs of tour operators and individual tourists.

Our services include:

  • Mountain itineraries and trekking;
  • Adventure tours and ecotourism in the Pamirs.
  • Mountaineering in the Fann mountains and the Pamirs;
  • Treks in Great Pamir (Tajikistan) and Little Pamir (Afghanistan);
  • Combined tours in Tajik and Afghan Pamirs;
  • Trek to the famous Wakhan corridor & Great & Little Pamir in Afganistan;
  • Ecotours to Gizev valley (Bartang);
  • Expeditions to highest peaks of the Pamirs: Somoni (formerly Communism), Korjenevskoy, Lenin, Patkhor, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels;
  • Tours in Penjikent and the Fann mountings;
  • Ethnographical and cultural visits throughout Central Asia;
  • Rafting on high mountain rivers: Murghab, Ghunt, Shakhdara & Bartang;
  • Jeep tours along the famed Silk Road;
  • Mountain bike tours;
  • Wild life observation (e.g. Marco Polo sheep) and photography; 
  • Bird watching;
  • Horse or camel trekking;
  • Helicopter excursions.

Travelling with us in the wide spaces, mountains and valleys of Central Asia and on the ancient Silk Road you can visit archaeological sites and historical cities: Penjikent, Khujand, Istrafshan (Ura-Tube), Isfara, Hissar, Kabodian, Pamirs, Wakhan, Ishkashim, Vrang, Zong and many other fascinating places.

Our tours will take you from sun-dried deserts up to high snow covered peaks according to your wishes. We will show you some of the most spectacular mountain systems of the world: Pamirs, Pamir-Alay and Tien-Shan. This part of the world is virtually undiscovered for tourists: you will find pure and unspoilt landscapes – deserts blend with green oases, fertile sunny valleys with high mountain peaks, alpine grasses with eternal ice-glaciers, picturesque lakes with fast mountain rivers carrying turbulent crystal-clear water, the aroma of mountain flowers and forests. All these make an exceptional conditions for bringing man closer to nature.

Travelling with us, you will have the opportunity to meet and stay with some of the most hospitable people in the world, for whom the guest is a king. You will learn about the origins of the rich and ancient culture of the people living in Central Asia, and their different traditions.