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Our services include:
  1. Mountain itineraries and trekking;
  2. Adventure toursand ecotourismin the Pamirs.
  3. Mountaineering in the Fann mountains and the Pamirs;
  4. Treks in Great Pamir (Tajikistan) and Little Pamir (Afghanistan);
  5. Combined tours in Tajik and Afghan Pamirs;
  6. Trek to the famous Wakhan corridor & Great & Little Pamir in Afganistan;
  7. Ecotours to Gizev valley (Bartang);
  8. Expeditions to highest peaks of the Pamirs: Somoni (formerly Communism), Korjenevskoy, Lenin, Patkhor, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels;
  9. Tours in Penjikent and the Fann mountings;
  10. Ethnographical and cultural visits throughout Central Asia;
  11. Rafting on high mountain rivers: Murghab, Ghunt, Shakhdara & Bartang;
  12. Jeep tours along the famed Silk Road;
  13. Mountain bike tours;
  14. Wild life observation (e.g. Marco Polo sheep) and photography;
  15. Bird watching;
  16. Horse or camel trekking;
  17. Helicopter excursions.

Additional Services We Offer:
  1. Visa support and assistance;
  2. Visa for other Central Asia countries;
  3. GBAO Permit;
  4. Permits to Sarez Lake, National Parks and Zorkul Reservation;
  5. Wakhan Permit for Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan;
  6. Registration, documentation and other formalities;
  7. Hotel and flight booking;
  8. Translation/Interpretation services;
  9. Arrangement for overnight stays in traditional Pamiri houses and Kyrgyz yurts throughout the territory;
  10. Organisation of international conferences, seminars and meetings;
  11. Satellite telephone and other equipment rental;
  12. All king of logistics throughout Central Asia.
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